Creating meaningful opportunities that enrich the lives of people with autism, their families and their communities.

Autistic Services Inc.

About Autism Services
and our Programs
The incidence of autism continues to grow.
Thousands of children in Western New York, and their families, live with autism.
Founded more than 30 years ago as a Saturday recreation program for children with autism, Autism Services, Inc. has grown to become the only agency in Western New York solely focused on supporting children and adults with autism, and their families. Our educational and quality of life programs include: Adult Day Programs, Residential Programs, Supported Employment, Family Support Services (including Medical Services Coordination, Respite, In-Home Clinical Support Program, Therapeutic Recreation for Autistic Children (TRAC) and an After School and Vacation Camp Program) and related Clinical Support. In our Adult Day Program the learning continues: from basics such as as self-care, to employment and community integration, which is the ultimate goal of our organization.

The programs at Autism Services are not designed to cure autism, but to help people with autism learn to function in a society that was never tailored to their needs. We approach autism as a culture that has much to contribute. With this at the heart of our philosophy, we are a platform for our artists, writers, poets and musical performers to express themselves to their communities. Arts Work is our agency’s signature program. Through Arts Work, the universal language of art and music is used to create a bridge between people with autism and the community at large. Involvement in the visual and performing arts allows our population to engage with the public, facilitating communication and socialization while increasing awareness.

Autistic Services Inc.

Autism Services, Inc. is committed to a group of core objectives in treating, educating, and caring for people with autism spectrum disorders. These are:

  • Independence at its highest level
  • Development and attainment of personal goals and objectives
  • Maximizing educational, vocational, and cultural opportunities
  • Societal inclusion and promoting autism acceptance in the community

In accordance with our effort to strive for and meet these objectives for people at any age, any functioning level, and at any point on the autism spectrum, the agency maintains several core programs and related services.

Your child may be qualified to receive services.
If your child has been diagnosed with a developmental disability, you may be eligible to receive services other than those provided by your school district. Your region’s DDSO (Developmental Disabilities Services Office) will be able to help you seek our services, such as respite, behavioral supports, residential placement, adult day programs, supported employment, family support services, self-advocacy, environmental modifications, adaptive equipment, etc.

For more info about getting services for your child, visit our Programs and Services page which offers detailed descriptions about each program and our multi-sensory environments.
Autistic Services Inc.