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Katie Fiorella
Katie is a 20 year old young adult woman with autism who uses her writing as an outlet to let out her feelings and inspirations.

Katie enjoys writing short stories and poems. Katie said she was inspired to start writing when she was 11 years old while reading the Goosebumps series. Katie’s poems are about world issues, animal and human right issues, and about her own experiences. She faced some challenges while in high school and writing was cathartic for her. Katie says her short stories tend to be more dark and emotional. She likes to write about mature subject matter. Katie recently published her first book From the Ashes.

Katie’s others interest include gardening, baking, cooking, painting, animals, and nature.

Katie is in the Pathways to Employment program through Autism Services where she is participating in volunteer opportunities to ultimately find employment. Katie is also in the Supplemental Day Habilitation program where she participates in music and art activities.

Katie says that even though she has autism, she
feels like she is able to be empathetic and that is
why she likes to write stories about
people that face challenges.

She was told she couldn’t soar, Then tell me why… When you look at the bright blue sky… You can see her fly.

Autistic Services Inc.

My Parasites

I have many children,
Some are tall,
And some are small.
Some love meat,
But for others veggies are a treat.
And others will take either of these.

But no matter what I love them all the same,
And most love me too.
Except a few.

I give all I can so the children can live,
I grew gardens for them to feed.
I give them water for them to drink,
And will always, always, always forgive.

But some are too greedy,
They’re asking for too much.
They take from their brothers and sisters,
They became my parasites.

They take their siblings homes,
They kill them without end.
They enslave them without a thought,
They even do it to their own.

They are killing me bit by bit.
I don’t know how long I’ll last.
But I fear my legacy will be part of the past.

Please humans…
Stop when you can.
Because if I die,
You will too.

Stormy Weather

Cold, hard rain falls from the sky,
And all I want to do is cry.
The thunders roars and lightning strikes,
It’s just stormy weather in the end.

I can’t remember the last time I felt warmth,
The bitter wind chills the air.
All the creatures cower or flee in fear.
But it’s just stormy weather; its end will appear.

A fire is spreading throughout the land,
Just watching it spread…
Fills me with dread…
But I know one thing that brings me hope.
Every storm must come to end.

The stormy weather has ended,
But there’s damage to mend.
We look out of the wreckage at the sky.
A rainbow streaks across and makes us smile.
It’s time to repair our home.
Things will be better,
Despite the stormy weather.

Autistic Services Inc.
Please check this page often as we will be updating it with more of Katie’s poems.
Past Poems:
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