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Art Exhibit: Rainforest

Rainforest, Acrylic on Canvas, 48×36, by Matt Mansour



Villa Maria College Paul William Beltz Gallery
240 Pine Ridge Road
Buffalo, NY 14225

July 14 – August 4, 2017

At his present age of 18, Matt Mansour already has years of experience making art. His work has been collected, and exhibited throughout the community in galleries such as Art Space Buffalo, WNED Horizons Gallery, the Tower Gallery at Daemen College Arts Center, Archangel Gallery at the Buffalo Botanical Gardens, and the Albright-Knox Community Gallery.

Matt showed a strong interest in painting at a very young age with an innate ability to handle a brush and create subtle, often complex combinations of hues. While still in kindergarten, Matt’s enthusiasm for painting, intense focus and ease with a brush inspired his teacher to capture one of his painting sessions on video. From the beginning, Matt’s paintings have possessed a consistent style, characterized by beautiful color mixtures laid down in rhythmic brushstrokes covering the canvas. His methodical compositions are often punctuated by areas of unexpected color and mark-making, adding surprising areas of interest.

Acrylic on canvas is Matt’s preferred medium. He paints in all formats but is most often eager to work on the largest canvases available, indicating for rectangular canvases whether he would like the painting oriented horizontally or vertically on the easel. Matt will spontaneously title a piece during the painting process; in previous years his titles have included “Rainbow Sprinkles,” “Autumn,” and “Rainforest.” Interestingly, all the pieces in this current body of work comprising Matt’s first solo exhibit, are titled “Rainforest,” suggesting the evolution of Matt’s work to a place where he is possibly interested in this one specific area of exploration.

This exhibition is free and open to the public.