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MEET KATIE, a writer and poet.

Katie enjoys writing short stories and poems. Katie said she was inspired to start writing when she was 11 years old while reading the Goosebumps series. Katie’s poems are about world issues, animal and human right issues, and about her own experiences. She faced some challenges while in high school and writing was cathartic for her. Katie says her short stories tend to be more dark and emotional. She likes to write about mature subject matter.

See a sample of Katie’s poems here.


Autistic Services Inc.Inside Myself:
The Human Sensorium

Probing the nature of Autism.
Autistic Services Inc.Lady from Down Under
by Pam Cole

An interview with two women from “Down Under” as they talk about life with Rett’s Syndrome.
Autistic Services Inc.Autism & Me:
A Sibling’s Story

10 kids in Western New York decided to share their story on life with a brother or sister on the Autism Spectrum.
Autistic Services Inc.The Ziggurat Model
Coming Soon

Autism Services embraces new planning system for students on the Autism Spectrum.

Autistic Services Inc.

Autistic Services Inc.Lisa’s Art Work
joins Cravens’ Collection

Art by an artist with autism catches the eye of noted collector.
Autistic Services Inc.Use Your Common Senses: Sensory Integration At-Home
A guide to things you can find at home to stimulate a child with autism.
Autistic Services Inc.The Looking Glass:
Autism in the Community

Identifying ourselves through autism.
Autistic Services Inc.Language Barriers:
Autism’s Private Language

Looking into the language of autism.

Autistic Services Inc.

Autistic Services Inc.Autism Treatment:
Facts vs. Factoids

A look into what we know and what we think we know about Autism Spectrum Disorder.
Autistic Services Inc.Dancing to a Different Drummer: The Music of No Words Spoken
Music by people on the Autism Spectrum.
Autistic Services Inc.Langston’s Hues:
Art & Culture at Autism Services

Langston Gardner Evolves Through the Arts.
Autistic Services Inc.The Sensorial Artist:
The Natural Link Between Art and Autism

Sights, sounds, textures, tastes and smells are the natural language of art – and autism.

Autistic Services Inc.

Autistic Services Inc.Neil Sanders and Stacey Mania: Opposites Attract
Close encounters and even closer connections between two people on the Autism Spectrum.
Autistic Services Inc.Julius Thomas Breaks Down Barriers: A Story on NonVerbal Autism
A parent talks about breaking the communication barrier with nonverbal autism.
Autistic Services Inc.Working With Asperger’s
by Rudy Simone

An essential guide for employers, HR professionals, counselors, job coaches and people with Asperger’s Syndrome.

Autistic Services Inc.

Autistic Services Inc.Moving to Buffalo: Autism Services Expands to Western New York
Two New Locations for Autism Services, Inc.
Autistic Services Inc.Emerging Artists: Ricky Nesbitt is Best in Show at CEPA
Autism Takes Top Award in Photo Exhibition.

Autistic Services Inc.

Autistic Services Inc.The Autism Perspective:
The Next Paradigm Shift

Artists on the Spectrum are poised to change our world perspective.
Autistic Services Inc.Aspies: Asperger’s and the Case for Neurological Diversity
1 in every 88th person has autism. You may be one of them.
Autistic Services Inc.Arts Work: Autism Services Launches a Lending Art Collection
ASI’s traveling exhibition has many homes in Western New York.