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Speech Resources

Last Updated April 7, 2020 – Please check back often as more are being added as quickly as we can. Thank you.

Resources for Students of Andrea Billings

Conference Line ext 150, pin 7672
Speech and Language-Kids
Speech Buddy
Angel Fire Speech Activities
Quia Pictures
Quia Fun Activities
Speech Therapy Practice

Resources for Students of Rachelle Burns

Conference Line ext 151, pin 6488
Boom Learning
Mommy Speech Therapy
Storyline Online Videos
Four steps to teach a spatial concept
Verb Picture Cards
Working Speech and Language into Daily Routines
Modeling Speech Language
Peachie Speechie Videos – speech therapy videos
Using AAC at Home

Resources for Students of Heather Holland

Conference Line ext 163, pin 1360
Week 1 Resources
Working Speech and Language Into Daily Routines
Teaching Spatial Concepts
Games to Teach Social Emotional Skills
Figurative Language and Idiom Activities for Speech Therapy
He She Game: He Does, She Does

Week 2 Resources
Role Playing
Springtime Bingo
Freebie Fridays
Visual Schedules
Quia – Speech & Language Games
Week 3 Resources
Conversation Starter Cards
Language Website
Picture Scenes

Resources for Students of Claire Kirby

Conference Line ext 155, pin 6929
How to incorporate speech and language skills into daily routines (morning, bedtime, meal time)
Videos demonstrating how to produce speech sounds
How to help child learn spatial concepts/prepositions
Speech and language activities for home
Choose from different printable communication boards
Conversation Keys
Communication Language at Home Speech Supports
Helping Your Child Communicate with AAC
Parent Guide to Language Stimulation at Home

Resources for Students of Rebecca Krass

Conference Line ext 161, pin 2004
Core First Learning
Scavenger Hunts
Basic Concepts Scavenger Hunt PDF
71+ Problem Solving Scenarios
Storyline Online
Action Picture Cards
Go Noodle – movement and mindfulness videos
Working Speech and Language Into Daily Routines

Week 2 Resources
“I see spring” wh- questions – pin c9pz
‘Who’ questions – pin az4n
Customizable daily schedule for home
Building sentences with action words
Conversation starters cards
Activity for identifying and labeling common vocabulary
Categories card game – activity for naming vocabulary within a category
Feelings picture cards – for identifying/labeling emotions
Basic Yes/No questions

Resources for Students of Karen Kummer

Conference Line ext 156, pin 2498
Boom Learning
10 Ways to Use Groceries to Help with Language Development
10 Ways to Use Laundry to Help with Language Development
8 Ways to Work on Language Skills by Setting the Table
Free Read-Aloud Books
Go Noodle YouTube Channel
Cooking and Communication

Resources for Students of Erin Mushtare

Conference Line ext 153, pin 1847
Get Epic – This website offers thousands of free picture books, chapter books and series. If the student cannot read, the site will read the books to the student while they follow along. Use the pin 7896 to get access.
Starfall – interactive games and videos to work on early vocabulary and literacy
AAC Do’s and Don’ts – general tips for caregivers interacting with students who use AAC
News – child friendly news articles with options to adjust the length/complexity of each article
Time for Kids – child friendly news articles with options to adjust the length/complexity of each article
Articulation coloring game – to work on sounds -th, -L, -ng, -r, -L blends, -ch and -sh
Articulation Lists of Words – list of words that could be used to work on articulation including L, S/Z, SH, CH, TH, S-blends, L-blends, vocalic R and CVC words
Coloring sheets – to work on /l/ sound
ReadWorks Reading Comprehension
PECS at home
I want visual
I want choices

Resources for Students of Isabel Pavlik

Conference Line ext 154, pin 9583
Coronavirus Resources
AAC Support for families during school closures
Echolalia – When children repeat what you say

Resources for Students of Meghan Phoenix

Conference Line ext 152, pin 2207
Basic Core Board
Books Online
Boom Learning
Online Activities – Starfall
Tips for Eliciting Communication Interactions
Heather’s Speech Therapy – free downloads available. Scroll down to the side bar – breaks down materials into different categories
Social Skills
Home Speech Home – multiple links for materials, activities, resources, etc .
Speech and Language Therapy Materials
Introducing AAC at home
Emotions Picture Symbols
First, then schedule with choices
Picture symbols for home

Resources for Students of Sara Pieniazek

Conference Line ext 166, pin 7925
10 Therapeutic Activities
Go Noodle YouTube Channel
Mommy Speech Therapy
How to access Boom Cards at Home
Communication & Language at Home-Speech Support
Reading with Your Child
Guide to Speech Sound Practice at Home
Guide to Language Stimulation at Home
At Home Speech Therapy Picture Scenes for Little Learners
At Home Activity Boards for Parents of Young Learners

Resources for Students of Jeanne Stiny

Conference Line ext 162, pin 8731
Cooking with Autism
AAC Resources
Apps for Autistic Learners
Printable and interactive speech related materials
Picture Exchange Communication Symbols (PECS) information and images
Free therapy materials
Printable work sheets for language
Parenting resources, activities, blogs
Guide to ‘best kids sites on the web’
Educators on-site resource
Behavior charts
Help and info. on autism
Speech apps, worksheets, etc.