Creating meaningful opportunities that enrich the lives of people with autism, their families and their communities.

Autism Services, Inc. Education Program


The Education Program has been in operation since 1989. The program’s objectives are to provide specialized educational and therapeutic services to children with autism spectrum disorders. This is a unique educational setting where the individual academic needs of children on the autism spectrum are understood.

The Program is certified by the New York State Education Department to provide full-year school services to children ages 5 through 21. (Please note, this is not a residential school program.) Classes are 6:1:3 structured with additional support staff.

In the Education Program, skills are taught in the classrooms to promote realization of students’ maximum potential. When they enter the community, students will apply skills learned in the classroom to real life experiences. The intent of this approach is to arrive at a state of functional independence and societal inclusion.

Students in the Educational Program experience a standard six-hour school day, five days per week. A typical day would include academic work, therapy sessions, and recreational activities. Students also benefit regularly from adaptive physical education classes, trips to restaurants, swimming, shopping, volunteer or paid vocational work in the community and other community-based activities.

Specific services offered in the Education Program are:

  • Occupational Therapy and Sensory Integration
  • Speech/Language Therapy
  • Behavioral Intervention and Positive Behavioral Support
  • Community-Based Training
  • Pre-Vocational Training and Transition Assessment
  • Adaptive Physical Education
  • Music and Art Education
  • Instruction in Daily Living Skills