Creating meaningful opportunities that enrich the lives of people with autism, their families and their communities.

Enrichment Programs


Autism Services currently offers an Arts Work Enrichment Program. The program is an enhancement to the Adult Day Hab Services we provide and also includes a bi-monthly evening art and music class (Supplemental Day Hab Program) for members of the community with autism spectrum disorders. The enrichment program includes: studio arts, performing arts, music and creative movement. Deficits in communication and social skills are two of the defining factors for people with autism spectrum disorders. Many people with autism spectrum disorders also have additional sensory challenges which contribute to their communication and/or social skills deficits. Participation in different forms of art, music and dance exercises can be beneficial on many levels – it gives them the opportunity to express themselves in ways other than words, which for many of them is a daily struggle. We have seen them gain strengths and skills that we would not have found without these programs.

Some highlights of the program include:

  • Our drumming group, No Words Spoken who perform at various community events and other in-house agency celebrations.
  • Our annual musical performance in June. Past performances include: Grease, The Sound of Music, The Lion King, The Wizard of Oz, Mary Poppins, A Christmas Story, Beauty and the Beast, Sesame Street, a Broadway Variety Show and a 10th Anniversary look back Variety Show.
  • Participation throughout the year in art exhibits in the community – both in group shows and our own exhibits.
  • Our annual Arts Work fundraiser, which is one of the few times the public has an opportunity to purchase original artwork created by our participants.
  • “Creative Movement” sessions are a place for relaxation, fun, and exercise. We encourage interactive participation with choice of song and activity, and provide guided instruction for therapy with some brain gym movements and autism movement therapy dances. We play a hilarious game of catch with peers, bounce on therapy balls and explore movement with giant scarves and ribbon props. We begin with a series of warm up stretches and end with yoga to cool down into stillness.