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Lisa’s Art
joins Cravens’ Collection

Annette Cravens has traveled the globe for decades, returning home to Buffalo with countless additions to her collection of modern art, archeological and ethnographic objects, now valued in t he millions. “Cravens World: the Human Aesthetic,” recently opened in the University at Buffalo’s Anderson Gallery, the result of her donation of over 1,000 artifacts and paintings to the University’s permanent collection.

Lisa H., 43, is an artist who participates in Autism Services’ Arts Work Program. Her large-scale, mixed media paintings feature vibrant color and often include subtle figurative imagery. Lisa has an inherent understanding of the formal and elemental properties of the numerous mixed materials she incorporates into her work; she has a deep appreciation for shape and texture.

Ms. Cravens discovered Lisa’s work on view at Brodo restaurant’s Elmwood location. The painting was part of a larger exhibit of works from ASI’s Arts Work Program. “We were thrilled to hear of Annette Cravens’ interest in Lisa’s painting,” said Executive Director Veronica Federiconi.

This month ASI donated the painting to the Cravens collection. “We enjoyed learning more about Annette’s passion for collecting and her generosity. We are honored that Lisa’s work will now become part of Ms. Cravens’ collection,” said Veronica.

Annette Cravens and the “Cravens World” exhibition has been featured in The Buffalo News and

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Lisa’s large-scale, mixed media paintings feature vibrant color and often include subtle figurative imagery.

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