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Do you or your loved one struggle with heat tolerance due to a disability?
Are you an athlete struggling to maintain core body temperature when competing?
Coolture products are the answer.

We are proud to feature Coolture vests and headbands in our Lending Library (Amherst location only). Our library is open to the public – the idea is simple: before you buy, borrow. Feel free to stop by to borrow either a vest or headband to try out. Should you decide to purchase, please be sure to type “I found you through Autism Services” in the comment section during checkout. A proceeds of each referral sale will be donated back to the agency.

Autism Services Inc.

vestThe Coolture signature cooling vest is available in four flexible sizes. Looking good is only part of what makes Coolture unique. Just as important is how a cooling vest functions, which is why every textile and design feature was selected to please, as well as perform. The first cooling vest to provide all-in-one function, comfort, and aesthetic integrity!

headbandsCooling headbands by Coolture put the cooling where it matters: at the base of your head and neck, which provides a unique response to cooling. Cooling the base of your neck has been shown to help improve performance, reduce sweating, and enhance the feeling of comfort. Therefore, even this small area of the body will yield some surprising benefits to cooling!

Coolture offers a variety of other products not shown here. These products might be covered by your insurance. Check with your doctor and insurance company to confirm.
Autism Services Inc.

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