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We’d like to introduce you to a talented artist and author.

kristinMeet Kristin. Kristin was born in 2006 and is diagnosed with Autism. She was nonverbal until she was 4 years old. While she was non verbal, she often used her love of art and sketching as a way to communicate with her family. She would often draw pictures to help let them know what sounds bothered her. Kristin has always had a love for reading and this was a huge key for her development as well.

Kristen offers for sale a selection of books, puzzles and other merchandise based on Kristin’s work. All book story ideas are created and inspired by Kristin, and written/co-written by her. All illustrations are done by Kristin.

Kristin was recently featured on WIVB-TV. See the story here.

“Through the love of art came an avenue of communication and creativity that we are happy to share with you. We hope to help show that those with Autism are much more then just a diagnosis. We know what it is like to have a child that can’t verbally express themselves the way we would hope for. Sometimes, within that silence they can tell us more than any spoken word. As parents, we need to learn how to listen differently.”
Susan Maggio, Kristin’s mother

Autism Services Inc.

Below is a selection of the items available for sale. Please visit Kristin’s Art Avenue to view/purchase products.


my-dog-holly glitter-wand-cropped


cat-puzzle hummingbird-puzzle moon-puzzle
owl-puzzle reindeer-puzzle