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Dancing to a different
The Music of No Words Spoken
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In 2002 the ASI arts program formed the musical group No Words Spoken. NWS began as a drum circle with the idea that participants could express themselves and communicate musically with peers through rhythmic patterns.

Keyboardist and vocalist John Landauer played piano much of his life but it wasn’t until NWS that John would have a forum to work with others and perform live in front of an audience. His natural ability to process music by ear and play it spontaneously allowed the group to add popular music to their repertoire. This change in direction allowed John and the rest of the group to flourish as singers, percussionists and live performers. The band began performing numbers like Bill Withers’ Lean on Me, Billy Joel’s Piano Man, Ray Charles’ Hit the Road Jack, and Hoagy Carmichael’s classic, Georgia On My Mind – a profound experience for all those in attendance.

Autistic Services Inc.
Autistic Services Inc.

After the group’s first six years performing with a musical director, in 2008 No Words Spoken took creative control and began to direct themselves and create their own playlists with additional guidance provided by John, and Music Teacher David Gorfien. David’s musical and technical expertise helps the band reach new goals and explore opportunities to perform and record their music.

Now seasoned performers, No Words Spoken have played throughout Western New York at the Music is Art Festival, Buffalo History Museum, Albright-Knox Art Gallery auditorium, many area schools, and countless ASI art exhibitions and events.

“They are, quite literally, dancing to their own drum.
Knowing this changes the experience of hearing the music.”
“No Words Spoken began under the premise that the motion sensory qualities that are native to autism are actually hidden talents.”
Autistic Services Inc.


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