Creating meaningful opportunities that enrich the lives of people with autism, their families and their communities.



Our Medicaid Service Coordination Department is committed to assisting people with autism and their families as they navigate the OPWDD system to obtain services.

Celebrating You MSC

A myriad of services are available to people with developmental disabilities. Researching and accessing these services can often be a daunting task requiring the knowledge and expertise of a professional who understands the system of services. Service Coordinators begin by learning about the person and the outcomes he/she wants for his/her life. A plan of support is developed along with criteria for meeting those outcomes. The person is then engaged within services that will support and assist the person in attaining the desired outcomes. Service Coordinators meet with the person and his/her family regularly to monitor progress. Service Coordinators attend relevant meetings, acting as advocates, and also gather information and pass it on to the person and their families so that informed decisions can be made.

• Immediate relationships are built by bypassing an intake department
Unlike other agencies in the area, ASI does not have a separate intake department. Families speak directly with our department from the start of the process.

• Our MSC’s regularly attend non-required meetings to support families
We regularly attend meetings such as CSE, parent-teacher conferences, treatment team/house meetings, which are not mandated. This helps us learn more about the people we support, and provides opportunities for us to provide assistance.

• We exceed training requirements
Professional development is a priority for our department so that we can stay on top of ever-changing regulations in order to provide the best possible service.

• We return calls
Our department practices a “48 hour” call return rule. We value your time and will respond when you reach out to us.

Contact ASI’s Medicaid Service Coordination Department at 716-631-5777 x 520